We just got back from the Cup in Northern Cali and while a different scene than the US Cup in Denver, it was pretty fun. Straight-up best flowers I have smoked in a long time outside of a pretty close circle. I won’t remember them all, but a few notables were Ben’s Chem-Scout, the 91 Chem (twice – both fire and clearly the same cut), Massachusetts Super Skunk, ECSD (AJ’s), Kyle’s Super Strawberry Cough, Noel’s Goo, and a dab of the ‘holy water’ that was pretty stellar and Pinsky almost wrecked my Sunday with an extract in an unmarked jar 🙂 – like had to sit down for a while and get a grip kinda wrecked me 🙂 touche’ sir!
much thanks to the family up there – hospitality deeply appreciated.

– Villain