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Cannabis Cup (Medical) 2014 – San Francisco

We just got back from the Cup in Northern Cali and while a different scene than the US Cup in Denver, it was pretty fun. Straight-up best flowers I have smoked in a long time outside of a pretty close circle. I won’t remember them all, but a few notables were Ben’s Chem-Scout, the […]

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Hemp, CBD & Whole Plant Cannabis

“If even a small portion of what researchers say about the effectiveness of cannabis and its active ingredients is correct, it represents the most important medical discovery since antibiotics.”

– Haaretz, Israel, Dec 2013

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CBD Genetic Breeding

We have gone through extensive seed populations pheno hunting and collecting genetics far and wide to build a comprehensive portfolio to not only satisfy the need of the community at large, but also to focus on extensive breeding projects working with some of the highest recorded CBD %ages currently known. Working with the Otto1 […]

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US Cannabis Cup – Denver 2014

Our formal ‘coming out’ party – the event was epic in a myriad of ways. We brought home a cup (well, a coaster anyway :-)) with Rare Dankness for CBD flower and couldn’t be happier. CBD cultivation and breeding – that’s kinda what we do ’round here!

– Villain

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